6 Health & Home Hacks that keep me in Check


There’s no doubt that working on a yacht and being part of the hit reality TV show Below Deck is incredibly fun and different! The journey is a definite whirlwind though, and if working on a yacht wasn’t hard enough, having the cameras on you 24/7 while working and socializing is an added pressure… so I have to make sure to keep my personal wellbeing in check through the process.

How do I keep balanced and happy? Here are some newly discovered hacks that have helped maintain my wellbeing.

1. De-Stress Your Soul

De-stressing for the soul is a MUST! Not only is it great for your mind, but it’s great for your body too. I always try to set aside a few minutes (or more, if I’m lucky) every morning to practice some meditation, yoga, and stretching.

2. Keep Calm and Stay Hydrated

Hydration and health go hand in hand. Drinking plenty of fluids helps replenish your body and is vital for things like muscle function, joint and bone protection, immune health, digestion, and even your mood! Water can get a little boring at times so I try to mix it up with my go-to favorites: green tea, raw juices, and fresh smoothies with a VITL Nutrition Pack to help my body function at its best. VITL Greens come in powder form in a convenient sachet that I mix in my daily drinks. It contains beneficial superfoods like green tea, kale, maca and spirulina.

3. Treat Your Skin

It’s no secret that when you look great, you feel great too. But being on the water and in the sun for a majority of the day can leave my skin not looking or feeling its best. Luckily I’ve found some amazing skin treats to help keep my complexion in tip-top shape. My face essentials include Re-Juvenate Cream from Doctors Studio, which contains emu oil and jojoba––both have an array of natural healing properties for the skin. Another product I love that helps keep my hands feeling heavenly is Moringa Body Butter. It’s rich in vitamins and contains anti-inflammatory properties, which heal my skin …and also saves me when I’ve got myself a little burnt! I first received it as a gift from a charter guest and I’ve been hooked ever since!

4. Help Your Body Heal

Everything seems like a struggle when your body isn’t at 100%. That’s why I turn to Bellecore’s Fit Bodybuffer when I’m trying to recover fast from being on my feet all day or from a high intensity workout. It helps muscles recover so quickly that I swear it must be magic! It also promotes lymphatic drainage, which I find essential after a night out of sushi and soy, (one of my favorite guilty pleasures ;). Did I mention that it helps reduce cellulite too! I’m a definite devotee to the Body Buffer when I’m not able to get massages due to time limitations too. Being a massage therapist I always try to set time apart for a massage but the Body Buffer is a fabulous go to when you’re stuck at sea or don’t have the time.

5. Write it Down

I cannot overstate the value of jotting things down and unleashing your mind after a long day! For me, writing, blogging, and gratitude journaling is an easy way to keep things in perspective, chronicle my adventures, and share my experiences with others. I find it just as therapeutic and cathartic as therapy, but way cheaper! And of course it’s a pleasure to be contributing to valuable blogs like Good Life Blog and VITL where I’m in the company of other thoughtful and successful writers. I’m quite an information addict and enjoy reading as much as writing, which allows me to learn from other bloggers and authors along the way. I try to learn something new everyday!

6. Tidy Room, Tidy Mind

Okay I’m a bit of clean freak when it comes to my room. Nothing can be more stressful than an unorganized living space, especially when you’re living in small spaces on a yacht “below deck” ;). I have lots of stewardess knacks to keep my space tidy and I try to keep my cupboards organized too (as hard as this can be sometimes). Little techniques I’ve picked up, like a simple way to fold the dreaded fitted sheet helps to keep my closet neat, and stress-free. Take a look at my fitted sheet home hack video below and hopefully it helps you too!

Until next time!

Xx, English Emily

Emily Warburton-Adams

Emily is a 22 year-old London native who first stepped onto U.S. soil in May 2016 after completing the filming for season 4 of Bravo television series Below Deck. Emily is a wellness blogger, health coach, MYPOW Founder and VITL Ambassador. She is on a mission to help people live life better.
or visit www.english-emily.com

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