How Model Turned Model Manager, Dale Noelle Transformed Adversity into Positive Self Image


I’ve always had a can-do, adventurous, type-A personality. It’s that inner voice and non-stop energy that drives me to be the best I can be. I consider it a blessing, but that was not always the case. As a child I was naturally thin and pushed myself to the limits with gymnastics and baton twirling. I won trophies and tournaments, but my preoccupation with perfection came at a price. I became alarmingly skinny, and was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa when I was 12 years old. Luckily, through professional help, and the support and positive influence of family and friends, I recovered within a couple of years. It helped that my mother and father instilled a sense of security in me during that period which continues throughout my life.

As fate would have it, when I was 20, I became a model. I didn’t set out for this career path, but I accepted an opportunity presented to me and it became a passion for me. I was signed by Ford Models, and for nearly 20 years I had the benefit of working with some of the fashion greats, such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Oscar de la Renta. It was an incredible experience, and while my outlook on self-image evolved over the course of my life, that period of time was very influential and further defined what beauty means to me. I was a healthy size 6 and, while stigmas of distorted body images and waif proportions were all around and created a constant source of pressure. However, I was fortunately able to stand up against those pressures and find confidence and beauty within myself.

As a fit model, I worked behind the scenes with fashion designers and clothing manufacturers to help them perfect apparel of all kinds. A fit model can improve profits and the model’s feedback can increase sales and decrease returns dramatically. I reveled in the process and being part of designer’s teams. I enjoyed much success at a healthy weight and size.

A few years ago during my pregnancy I was unexpectedly diagnosed with a rare form of oral cancer that forced me to shift from model to model manager. Fortunately that’s all behind me, and I now have a young daughter, and my own business. Part of my mission is to help broaden the scope of true beauty. TRUE Model Management represents all sizes and categories of models and embraces a vast network of clients to connect models with fitting, showroom, trade show, print, runway and commercial talent assignments.

TRUE helps models meet their nutritional goals and stay fit. At TRUE, we genuinely care about our models and their well-being. We work with models to enhance their inner and outer natural beauty and do not force them to fit particular criteria.

Today, more than ever, girls are saturated with selfies, and a reality-star culture that can be damaging to their self-image. The images and stories that make the front page often present a limited perspective of beauty––potentially having a negative influence. Yet at the same time, obesity is an epidemic in our country, so it’s more important than ever to find that healthy balance. The media is far from perfect, but we can all play a positive role. I believe part of the solution is educating our youth about healthy living. If we shift the focus to inner beauty and open more dialogue about healthy body image and healthy lifestyles we will hopefully help get closer to finding that balance. That’s when we all win.

Dale Noelle

Dale is an entrepreneur, health coach, teacher, philanthropist, mother, wife, cancer survivor, life enthusiast and adventurer who has a passion for connecting, empowering and assisting others to succeed. After 20 years as one of Ford’s most successful fit models, she founded TRUE Model Management, headquartered in NYC. | |
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4 thoughts on “How Model Turned Model Manager, Dale Noelle Transformed Adversity into Positive Self Image”

  1. Such a positive, energizing and inspiring role model. As a fellow survivor of catastrophic illness we know first hand about the precious gift of life.

    You have a passion for making everyone around you feel happy and good.
    Keep spreading your positive energy everywhere.

    1. Thank you so much Peggy ! You are a True Inspiration and Positive Force ~ Everyone should know your story & how strong and joyful you are☆

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