Today is Women’s Entrepreneurship Day!

November 19, 2016
by  Dale Noelle

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Q&A with Female Entrepreneur and Good Life Gal: Dale Noelle  

If you are a woman who is interested in turning a passion of yours into a business, it can be hard to know where to start or how to prepare. As a female entrepreneur, I know first hand about the trials and tribulations that one can be faced with when creating a business. I’m also aware of how great it feels to see all of your hard work, time, and investments paying off as your business continues to grow and succeed!

Here are 10 questions I’m asked often about being a female entrepreneur. If you’re looking for more valuable insight, be sure to read my 10 Tips of Being a Successful Female Entrepreneur on! Today, I’m live at Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED), so be sure to follow me on Instagram for Live Updates!

1. Many young girls grow up without seeing women in leadership positions, do you believe this affects their ability to lead in business? 

Absolutely. We all need leaders and role models at every age. Having positive influences and role models or mentors to look up to has a great impact on each other, especially children. It helps build confidence and sets examples for the future. When young girls don’t see women in leadership positions they don’t get that confidence. This is why I believe Women’s Entrepreneur Day is so important. We need to be celebrating women in leadership, empower one another, so we can show our young girls that they can be leaders too.

2. Who were your role models growing up?

My role models were/are family members ~ my Grandmothers, my Mom, and my Dad.

3. What should women do if they find themselves in a male-dominated work environment? 

In any work environment I believe you should always start by building positive relationships with your co-workers and bosses. Embrace new challenges when they present themselves, have a voice, and be your own advocate. It’s not about speaking the loudest, but about representing yourself. Think outside the box and be optimistic.

4. What skills give women a sustainable advantage over men? 

Many women are able to advance by taking full advantage of their abilities in cultivating relationships that are purposeful, genuine, and meaningful. Learning to develop emotional intelligence enables women to become lifelong students, constantly growing, evolving, open to new ideas, and always willing to learn from others.

5. What qualities do women possess that make them great entrepreneurs?

Women are natural entrepreneurs. Women possess humility and a willingness to learn, and most are not afraid to admit they don’t have all the answers, which enables them to constantly strive for improvements. I also believe women are resilient. Entrepreneurs face complex financial problems, decision-based dilemmas, long hours, sudden changes, and predictions that egregiously fail. Triumphant entrepreneurs have a level of resilience, which allows them to face an almost constant slew of challenges without ever weakening their resolve, and women are well equipped to roll with the punches. Women are also empathetic, helping them to build genuine relationships and communities in their businesses.

6. What do you think is the best way to stand out in an interview or pitch meeting? 

Before you even show up for a meeting or interview you need to invest in due diligence. Be prepared to tell them why your specific actions will positively impact their business. You also need to show interest and enthusiasm, no matter how you are feeling. People always want to work with people who are ready to work. So show your enthusiastic side. You should be prepared to compare yourself to other potential competitors and demonstrate why you are uniquely suited for the job through your own valuable insight and experience.

7. Do you think that women face a different set of challenges than men do in starting their own business? 

Yes. Women –– especially those with families –– are tasked with dual responsibilities in the office and at home. Society tends to praise men for tasks that women have been doing without fanfare for years, like balancing children and a career. Also, there is always the challenge of perception. A man, tough in business dealings, is respected for being savvy and assertive. However, a woman is often dismissed as being unpleasant for acting in similar manner.

8. As a woman who heads her own company, how do you approach leadership? 

I think being a good leader often means being a good listener, good compromiser, confident and a decisive decision maker. After hiring amazing people, it’s up to the boss to motivate and empower them. I also think leadership is reflected in the details and the examples you set. I try to be as organized as possible in my work and find that this sets a precedent showing how we do business at TRUE Model.

9. Do you have advice for women who want to continue their business while raising their family, like you have done? 

If you know that your time is going to be divided it’s incredibly important to know when to outsource. Work on the parts of your projects where you know that you have the most to contribute and hire smart and loyal people to assist you.  Building a sustainable business is not all about you, it’s about the people you choose to collaborate with and the support network you have. Reach out to entrepreneurs in your community and leverage your outreach through online sources like LinkedIn. As well, create an attainable plan and daily routine to keep yourself on track. Kids and businesses are similar in that they both thrive on a schedule.

10. What is the most rewarding aspect of being a female entrepreneur? 

I love connecting people, creating jobs, and having a purpose greater than myself. I enjoy sharing my story, inspiring others through various organizations and channels like Good Life Blog and being part of groups like Good Life Gals. Being accountable to my employees and business associates is also an amazing motivator. It’s very empowering to wake up every day and make contributions to the world through living my dreams. I want to be a positive role model for my daughter in the hopes that she will build skills and use them to empower others for the greater goods in the world.

Dale Noelle

Dale is an entrepreneur, health coach, teacher, philanthropist, mother, wife, cancer survivor, life enthusiast and adventurer who has a passion for connecting, empowering and assisting others to succeed. After 20 years as one of Ford’s most successful fit models, she founded TRUE Model Management, headquartered in NYC. | |
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